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Not Finding A Good Freelance Job? Reasons Why A Freelancer Should Never Lose Hope?

Freelance jobs and online jobs are not a new trend anymore. Any skilled person who knows professionalism has good chances to make money from home. It is a fact that freelance work has been showing an increasing trend in the past few years. As the economic downturn presents investors with monetary problems, freelance mode of [...]


10 Awesome Ways Of Handling Critique At Work

Whether we acknowledge it or not, all of us have been facing criticism ever since our birth. Our parents, teachers and elders all would have said something that we adopted as knowledge. In essence, criticism is a way of learning – no body is born perfect. When it comes to facing professional criticism, virtually all [...]


How To Finish A Freelance Job In The Given Deadline?

How to finish a freelance job in the given deadline is a question that strikes the mind of every freelancer. Many people have the perception that freelance jobs are not as tough as the conventional jobs. But, apart from being at home, freelance jobs require the same, and in some cases, more effort than the [...]


5 Things That Must Be Avoided While Writing A Resume

A good resume will get you better chances of being considered for an applied post. After sending in a resume many people might sit back and dream of getting that interview call on the basis of their qualification and experience. They may also be proud of their interpersonal skills. But wait, despite all of these [...]


10 Freelance Jobs That You Must Apply For!

The age of technology and the need for outsourcing due to economic constraints has given rise to the trend of freelancing. There are a number of freelance jobs available from every industry. These jobs can be related to academics, business or any other profession. Depending on the amount of experience and your interest in a [...]


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