Stuck in Deadlines? How to Handle Deadlines?

Many people face the dilemma of not being able to meet deadlines or coming close to it. As a freelancer it is your job to complete the tasks in time. With an absence of a management team to set the schedules and allocate the proportional time span to different assignments the responsibility lies on the individual’s shoulder, which you are. Effective time and resource management is very important in completing the projects in stipulated time. If you happen to be stuck in such deadlines then here are a few tips to avoid or handle those situations.

Pay Attention to It

The most important thing is you realize the importance of deadlines. Employers will be angry with you. They have a right to stop your payments and in the long run you can’t expect any projects from this employer. In addition to that the employer can degrade your rankings on that freelancing website. Therefore your reputation is at stake. Such is the importance of deadlines. It should always be ringing in your mind from the day you made the proposal.

Effective Planning

Before committing to any project, break it into stages and calculate the maximum time each of those stages will take. Take into account the official holidays, vacations and other social commitments you will need to address during this time. Make a daily schedule and calculate how much time you can give to the job at hand. After calculating all these factors propose a completion time to the employer.

Sacrifice the Quality

When a deadline is approaching fast and you feel to be lagging behind in the race against time then it is better to sacrifice some quality. No matter which type of freelancing job you are doing, there is always a gap between outstanding and good. You can tradeoff this with time.

Go for Overtime

Another approach you can take to meet the deadline is to work overtime. After all it is your project and only you will be paid for it so you have to sweat for a few days to complete it in time. Most of us have taken such a path in our college lives to complete the class assignments or projects.

Avoid Distractions

Distractions are the major source of time wastage in our work. Make your work place peaceful; away from people, heat, cold and noises, such as traffic, motors and wind mills. If you work online then abstain from using internet for unnecessary activities. You will have a lot of time for such things after you are done with the project.

Build the Skeleton First

Most of the jobs require you to build a general layout and then work on the project. This is the true way of approaching any project. Even if you fail to achieve the deadlines you will be able to calm down the employer by telling him that only the finishing touch remains.

What if it is Inevitable?

If you feel that there is no way out and you won’t be able to complete it within the deadline then it is better to inform the employer. It is never a wise idea to turn up at the eve of the deadline. Express regret to the client or employer and ask for an extension in the deadline. Explain him the reasons behind the failure and present him with the solution and time required.

Study Project Management

Meeting deadlines is not as straight forward as ABC. It is science and special degree programs with the title of Project Management that are being offered by the universities for the past few years. You will find mathematical relations for all the above mentioned factors if more help is needed.


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