Pros and Cons of Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is adopted both as a full time and part time profession. Almost every industry is in need of freelance writers these days. With the increasing competition and demand for freelance writers it is important to know the different dimensions for this industry for correct decision making.

First we will take a look at the advantages freelance writing jobs offer.


The most popular advantage for any freelancing job is the flexibility it offers in timing and locations. You don’t need to be at the office at 9 and leave it at 5. There is no compulsion on you to work in those 12 hour shifts. You can set your own time and work at the place where you feel comfortable. All you need to do is to meet deadlines for the projects. Flexibility also lies in the number of areas you can work in. Technical, content and article writing all have different demands and benefits. Although it is necessary to be a specialist in at least on of these but there is no harm to work in multiple areas.

No Office Politics

Unlike office jobs you won’t suffer because of politics. All you need to do is to concentrate on your work. There will be no leg pulling, back biting and harassment. You can apply your skills to perfection and can back your instincts in decision making.

Abundance of Employers

Although most freelancing jobs have numerous clients asking for work to be done but writing clients and jobs they offer are far larger in number. So you never have to bear an employer just for the sake of your living. You can easily dump him if you are not having a comfortable working relationship. But remember not to make it a habit with an arrogant behavior.


In freelancing you get the returns for all your work. If you are working overtime then you will be getting its benefits. Unlike an office job you won’t need to appease your immediate superiors in addition to the hard work for an approval.

Minimal Expenses

You don’t have to bear commuting expenses or spend hefty amounts to maintain your get up. When doing a freelance writing job you can search on internet for the best sales offers on commodities you want to buy and thus save significant amount of money. You can form a more realistic opinion via an easy research through internet.

Greater Intellect

As a freelance writer your intellectual power is bound to increase as you will get a vast amount of knowledge by researching and then giving a textual form to your concepts. In this way you will get knowledge that gives you wisdom.

On the other hand there are some disadvantages to speak of in freelance writing.


With an independent room where no one is there to talk to you, because it is necessary for work; you will get bored quickly. However there are solutions for this problem. Get more social through relatives, friends and family. Join social networking sites and get entertainment through media and playing games.

It’s a Business

Remember, freelancing is a business not a job. You won’t have necessarily every skill to deal with clients or the market. The onus of success is entirely on you. It is not only the writing you are doing that matters. You communication, negotiation, marketing and interpersonal skills are equally important for your success.

Less Learning Opportunities

One of the advantages of an office environment is that you find many people to learn from. Here it is up to you to research from the internet, magazines, newsletters or blogs for your profession. It is definitely more painstaking because very few people share their experiences on the internet or other information portals.

Continuous Job Hunt

While on one hand it is an advantage to have a number of employers at your disposal but on the other hand you will never have a stable job. Maximum duration for projects is in months. There can be some dry periods where you won’t find any work. Your will becomes important than ever in such situations.

No Benefits or Perks

Freelance job is done on the basis of lump sum payments. They are temporary and won’t give you the benefits of housing, pensions and gratuity funds. Therefore keep the quality of work and demand high enough to earn a respectable living, especially when you work as a full time freelance writer.

There are many pros and cons of working as a freelance writer. It depends on your personality and circumstances whether you are suitable for the freelance writing or not.


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