Online Facebook Projects – Make The Most Out of Them

Facebook has become an IT giant and will remain as such in foreseeable future. It has quickly transformed from a platform used for connecting to old college friends to a powerful commodity; with tools which can perform almost any business related function on the Internet. As more and more businesses are using the online medium for marketing purposes, Facebook presents better opportunities for targeted marketing. There are various Facebook jobs which relate to different sections of Facebook.

Fan Pages

Fan pages are used to showcase a certain celebrity, product or company. Clients are looking for administrators who can manage a page for them by moderating comments and posts on it. Such easy to do jobs are performed from the comfort of home.


Business clients are always on the look out for marketers who can find genuine people to follow or like their pages, products or applications. Freelancers who are active on the Facebook with a lot of friends and communities have very good prospects of performing such jobs. Promotional acumen is a necessity in performing such jobs.


Facebook offers high quality videos to its users. It works just like Youtube. There are three modes posting videos on Facebook. One is to upload them directly from the computer drive, second is to post it through mobile and the last is to directly capture through the camera. People with video editing and broadcasting skills can use this feature of Facebook to perform many projects.


This is an excellent feature which makes Facebook stand out from other websites. Whether there is an expo, a birthday, a workshop or a wedding party; events are used as an invitation and a reminder to the Facebook users. From the name it is obvious that event coordinators make use of this valuable tool in performing their jobs.

Facebook Plugins

Apart from social networking skills Facebook also provides very good opportunities for web developers. More and more websites are in search of web developers to Embed Facebook plugins in their websites. In this way users can easily post a comment on the website by logging in through their FB account.


Facebook applications are an effective tool for viral marketing. They are also developed for fun such as gaming applications. Developers can find many applications related projects on different freelancing websites. All you need to have is some PHP skills and a Facebook account. Those little applications are worth hundreds of dollars.


Having your own profile is one thing but there are many projects which require freelancers to make hundreds of profiles and maintain them. Such projects are usually long term and if you succeed in getting one of them then it will be a stable source of income.

Facebook Ads

Marketing and Graphics designers get many projects which require developing ads for a product or business. Freelancers can also use these ads to promote their business just like Google Ads or Clickbank.

Facebook has unveiled new horizons for businesses and job seekers in the internet industry. Each of the features it provides is customizable and in some cases programmable by the user which makes it such a powerful commodity.


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