Not Finding A Good Freelance Job? Reasons Why A Freelancer Should Never Lose Hope?

Freelance jobs and online jobs are not a new trend anymore. Any skilled person who knows professionalism has good chances to make money from home. It is a fact that freelance work has been showing an increasing trend in the past few years. As the economic downturn presents investors with monetary problems, freelance mode of work has helped to reduce costs in wages and office maintenance. People in freelancing field work both as part time and full time. You might be facing a difficulty in getting that first job or be experiencing a layoff in your career. If this is what is happening to you chances are that soon you will start biting your nails and lose hope, but in freelance my dear patience is the key!

There are many reasons for freelancers to not to lose hope and quit while facing difficulties to get freelance jobs. We will be shedding some expert tips from freelancers about why a freelancer should never lose hope but keep the hunt on!

Getting the First Project

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You are all geared up to take that first job. You are ready to set a milestone but you are unable to get a job… If this is what is happening to you then you must not forget that freelancing is quite different from conventional jobs in that there you are striving for references and physically commuting towards the employer’s offices. Most of the times, in freelancing, you are placing bids online with a profile or portfolio to show to the client. On a good day you will get some work to do. Acceptance of your proposal can be due to any reason. For example, suitable bid value, exceptional profile, good reputation or sheer effective proposal itself. If you lack in any of these first try to focus on these areas so as to overcome any deficiencies you might be showing.

Importance of Keeping in Touch

There are many instances when a project is advertised for 12 hours to 1 day or may be even less. If you regularly check out the freelance websites for current projects then you have a great chance to win such bids owing to lesser competition. Therefore, only the quality of work or the optimized bid value is not a necessity in getting a job. Time is money and bidding on the right time is going to get you those bucks!

Range of Jobs

As a freelancer you always have a ray of hope because freelance websites offer online projects from hundreds of fields which require thousands of skills for execution. Whether you want to work in freelance web development or data entry, article writing or administrative support, software development or engineering and science, mobile phone and computing or sales and marketing or you are looking for design jobs or social networking jobs; at least one field provides an opportunity to use some of the skills that you might have acquired along with your studies. Therefore the prospects for application of your skills in the relevant field are always high.

Office Job Vulnerability

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Part time freelancers should give due attention to their work. In today’s economic turmoil any day can be your last day in the office. So when you are not getting the desired projects there is no reason to quit. An extra stream of income is always handy and who knows you might need to adopt it as a full time job tomorrow.

Availability of Miscellaneous Jobs

There are many jobs which don’t require any particular skill and anybody can perform. For example, data entry jobs, virtual assistant jobs, filling survey forms and web search are the roles which require you to possess only the basic internet and computer handling skills. So if you are someone who wants to earn an income by using the least skills, data entry jobs are an ideal pursuit.

Room for Related Skills

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Most freelancing jobs require you to possess skills not degrees. So if you are adept in one skill and find a depletion of job opportunities there is always a closely related skill in demand. Usually, it doesn’t require much time and effort to learn those skills. IT industry, in particular, requires skills which have to be continuously updated.

Pros Outweigh Cons

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One big reason for never giving up at freelancing are the number of advantages the jobs offer. You have more flexibility in timing and work, independence from obedience of the boss, room for creativity, reduction of commuting expenses and a lot of convenience. These advantages are enough for motivating any individual to work as a freelancer.

Freelancing requires mental strength to not to give up during dire times. The vast array of opportunities and the advantages of freelancing are bright spots in this field no matter how much difficulties you are facing. Also bear in mind the luck factor. It is not always the quality of work that matters in freelancing.

Feel free to share your experience and if you have been through this then let other freelancers know how they can cope with such situations.

Happy freelancing!


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