Choosing The Right Job – How A Job Defines Your Career?

Professional career has a unique importance in anyone’s life. Finding a freelance job or a job that would help you earn is one of the quint essentials of a normal person’s life. It is your career which defines your personal, family and social life. Every journey has a beginning and an end, not to forget the stages in between and it is an amalgamation of decision making, education and knowledge level that helps you opt a career. The jobs you get in the career path combine to declare your career as a success or a failure. In these tough economic times one may clinch any opportunity that comes his way but it is important to remember the short and long term repercussions.

Today we will be focusing on how a job oriented person can make some wise decisions that would enhance his/her career and bring positive results for them:

Experience Matters

There is no question about that. But experience eclipses your educational background or standing as you move up the ladder of your career path. If you set out on a path that is not related to your educational background, you will be seeing difficult times in the future career levels. Therefore, it is important to do a job that has a requirement of the degree you qualified. As long as you don’t get such a job, it’s ok to do other sort of jobs but don’t give up on trying for a relevant job.

Authoritative Roles

The more effort you put in at the start of your career the more quickly you will be able to find authoritative posts. Of course, you will find them more demanding but they will be paying you more later on. On the other hand, many employers offer handsome salaries at the start of certain career paths but you won’t find many growth opportunities afterwards.

Work-Life Balance

balance in life


It depends entirely on a person’s priorities on how he or she perceives life. If one is status conscious and wants to earn big, then he/she will need to work over time and of course, in more demanding environments. On the contrary fixed time job pays you less but lets you enjoy the free time it offers.

Duration of Job

It is also important to consider the duration of the job you are doing. When you are working in a small company it is highly likely that you won’t be staying with them for longer periods. But do consider the impression it will put on prospective employer’s mind. He can think of you as an enthusiastic and motivated individual but question marks on your loyalty will also appear.

Being Multi-Dimensional

engineering jobs

Employers love to hire individuals who can perform various tasks through their multidimensional personality. But this doesn’t mean to go out of the way in exercising your talents. For example, if you have an engineering background then it is good to perform work related to sales or project management in the field for which you have educational basis. But it would be too bizarre to get to photography tasks. On the other hand it would be a bit boring for you to opt engineering if you have a background in designing. ;)

If you have been in a job role for many months or years then you develop certain habits which are difficult to put off. This is specially the case, when you are in mid or senior level jobs and they set the tone for the rest of your career.


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