5 Things That Must Be Avoided While Writing A Resume

A good resume will get you better chances of being considered for an applied post. After sending in a resume many people might sit back and dream of getting that interview call on the basis of their qualification and experience. They may also be proud of their interpersonal skills. But wait, despite all of these abilities there is one and only one thing that is representing you behind the corridors of HR department and that is your resume. Here are a few mistakes in resume writing which are considered a sin by many observers involved in the hiring process and should be duly avoided.

1. Grammatical Mistakes

The most appalling mistakes are the grammatical ones. Most job roles require good writing skills. On seeing such mistakes, one wonders how much importance he is being given by the applicant. It also shows how bad a communicator the resume owner is. Let your friend or colleague proof read it before you send it to the prospective employer.

2. Lack of Initiative

Use as many action verbs as possible. Don’t look to be a passive character in your resume. Show your accomplishments instead of what tasks you were responsible for in the past job roles. You may also think some of the part time jobs or volunteer work you have performed in the past as unnecessary but it is where many skills like social skills, time management and familiarization with corporate culture are depicted.

3. Unorganized Resume

Reserve suitable space for each section like experience, education, projects managed and contact information. There is no need to give personal information; in fact if some employer asks you for it he or she will be breaching the law. Use a maximum of 3 font sizes so that it gives a pleasant outlook.

4. Generality

If you want to create a resume that responds to the needs of all the employers then stop thinking about getting an interview call. Resumes of such sort don’t address the requirements of the concerned employer and present irrelevant information. Similarly vague objective won’t do any good to you. It is better to include the objective in the cover letter as part of the application. Similarly, writing vague terms in the experience section won’t be of much help.

5. Keywords & References

Ever since the use of soft versions for resume became more frequent, the requirement for including the keywords has become more pronounced. If a job ad asks for a specific job role then name the related roles in the concerned career path. You might have a different designation at the other organization but if the required experience and skills are same, then it’s perfectly fine to include such keywords. Presenting references on a resume is just a waste of space. The phrase “references will be furnished on kind request” is bizarre, as everyone will give references if asked.


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