10 Tips to Get a Freelance Job

Freelance work is common nowadays. The trend of getting job done by freelancers owes to many factors. Various studies have shown that low operational cost and salaries have to be borne by the employer and this trend is bound to increase in the future. More employers adopting the path of freelance work will result in a surge for the demand of freelancers. The competition for freelance jobs is increasing. Contrary to the common perception, freelancer’s work requires dedication, commitment and devotion. But before working on any project you have to acquire that project from the employer.

For winning the projects as a freelancer you need to take a professional approach. You can be an expert or amateur depending on your experience. In any case, some of the steps you can take to win projects are as follows.


Make Your Case

The first step is to create a profile on the GeekFreelancers website. Especially the amateurs or even professionals who are fresh in the freelancer’s role should pay attention to their profile. You should be an expert in the skills you enter in the required fields.

Frequently Submit Proposals

For every advertisement you consider yourself to be suitable for, apply heartily.  Present a new proposal for every project, giving due weightage to the demands of the employer. That said, the more often you submit the proposals for different projects the higher the probability that you win a project or be hired by the employer.

Bid on Appropriate Projects

Don’t compromise your working standard for the drive to win projects. Bidding on irrelevant projects is wastage of time. If some how you win a project you are not fit for you will be stretch yourself for nothing. At the end of the day if you can’t complete the project you are bound to get a stick from the employer in the feedback section. This will jeopardize your chances for future hiring.

Quote Unadventurously

If some bidding has already been done for a project then you can see the average, highest and lowest amount of the bid. Try to remain in the proximity of the average bid; especially when you are new in the field. If you happen to be the first one to bid on a project, remain in the range set by the advertiser. Mostly higher rates would reduce your chances of winning the bid. On the other hand lower bids will cheapen the skills of your industry and will make you look needy.

Selection of Projects

There are various types of projects on display. Some will require you to meet stringent deadlines. Others might be personal projects for the employer, which are more flexible with time and money. Before you bid keep this aspect of the project in mind as well.

Ask For Explanations

When you are confused about certain points ask sensible questions from the prospective employer. This will show your interest and understanding about a particular project. Always try to take the initiative in your communication. Some of the employers may also be naive about the project, so having a clear mind about the job is very necessary.

Follow Up

Like any other job, getting freelancer job also requires you to follow up the employer. Be careful not to tease the employer with a number of calls or messages. Also don’t make yourself look needy.

Give References

If you have done some projects in the past then don’t forget to give reference of those projects and their employers. In this way the prospective employer will feel more secure with your availability and credibility.

Respond Positively if Declined

There can be various reasons for employer to reject your proposal. You may have suitable skills, experience and track record but the employer’s budget may not allow him to take your services. Take a note of the employer and look for any future projects he might advertise. Also occasionally send him an email or call.


When you have won a project or get hired always give a professional look in your work ethics. Communicate effectively, submit the assignments on time and pay attention to employer’s requirements. Negotiate effectively when there is a conflict of interest. All these things will build your reputation and will help in winning bids in the future from the same or other employees.

Just like a conventional job getting a freelance job requires devotion, dedication and professionalism. Your communication and approach on selection of project, proposal and follow up all count in getting the freelance room. There is no room for complacency at any stage. After you win a bid on the project your working standards will have a deep impact on prospects of winning bids on future projects.


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