10 Freelance Jobs That You Must Apply For!

The age of technology and the need for outsourcing due to economic constraints has given rise to the trend of freelancing. There are a number of freelance jobs available from every industry. These jobs can be related to academics, business or any other profession. Depending on the amount of experience and your interest in a particular field you can opt for various roles. The 10 most interesting jobs include the following:

1. Consultancy

If you have some years of experience in a related field and a college degree under your belt, the role of consultant is always easy to acquire and handle. The workload is manageable and it will become a bright part of your resume for the future. You can even revert to the company that fired you on the grounds of economic bottlenecks just by showing them your experience in this field.

2. Writing Jobs

You can also transform your field or academic knowledge into words and earn substantial money through article or blog writing. Another yielding area of writing is technical writing. You will need to have a good skill level on Adobe Indesign, MS Publisher and Pagemaker to do technical writing jobs. You will need to make flyers, brochures, prepare quotations and do similar jobs for marketing or business transactions.

3. Data Entry

With a little knowledge of computer usage you can perform many tasks related to data entry. Some of the famous examples are form filling, phone support, typing and shorthand. You can also act as virtual assistant for different companies and businesses.

4. Social Marketing

You can take advantage of your presence on social networks by running targeted marketing campaigns for different websites. With a little programming knowledge you can create different web apps and games that can help you earn a lot of money.

5. Administrative Support

There are a number of companies that require customer service representatives, email response handlers, transcriptionists and web researchers.

6. Online Tutoring

A lot of education institutes are now conducting interactive online lectures from around the globe to save on costs of tutoring. You should be able to handle the technology interfaces that are required for performing these tasks.

7. HR & Legal

No matter which professional field you have been in, you will have a lot of knowledge related to different rules and regulations that are followed in that industry. Therefore you have the chances of becoming a very useful asset in hiring the quality HR for such companies or handle different cases in the light of the law.

8. Creative Designing

Every body has got some level of creativity. It depends on how we are able to polish our skills to take advantage of our inborn abilities. There are innumerable skills which fall under the category of creative designing. Most popular skills are photo editing, graphic designing, audio production and fashion designing.

9. Web Development

You can build a good looking website without even knowing HTML. There are some well known platforms such as WordPress, Joomla and Blogger that help you create feature rich blogs in minutes. It is very handy if you can learn one web programming language. The skills you get from such jobs can be utilized in running your own website and online business.

10. Business Services

With a little exposure of professional life you can earn a lot of worth ethics. Simple services like accounting, bookkeeping and management of workforce can be offered without having prior experience. You can learn a lot with the passage of time. Of course, you won’t get paid much, but the amount of work done is proportional; not to forget the experience you get which is invaluable!

There are a number of freelance jobs available in abundance and they don’t require hard learning skills. Most of the times you will be utilizing previously acquired skills, so its not difficult to get a freelance job, start your job hunt today!


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